Santagram=a Hilarious gift with a "clause"


A Pizza Santagram is the perfect gag gift for a friend, spouse, or co-worker. A portion of the proceeds from our SANTAGRAMS will be donated to the Harry Chapin Food Bank!

Here's how it works:

1) You order pizza for a friend, spouse, or co-worker (Can be for now or for delivery in the future)

2) Select the Santagram Delivery Service (Order online or mention Santagram on the phone when ordering)
3)Give us a holiday message that you want to add

  Example:  "Dear John, Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!  Love, Macaulay Culkin"

4)  Sit back and relax! Our pizza delivery driver will arrive wearing a Christmas hat,

speak your message, sing a Christmas Carol on the KAZOO,

and hand over the SANTAGRAM card with the pizza order! 

Drum Roll... Pizza SANTAGRAM Complete

COST - You paid an extra $6.  

And a little something extra went to the Harry Chapin Food Bank this Holiday Season!


Send your family, friends, and coworkers a pizza santagram!

A unique and hilarious gift with a (for a) good clause (CLAUSE)!  Watch the video to find out more!