Frequently asked questions

Do you have event minimums?  Yes! A minimum applies to all events. For the 2019 season, the minimums are as follows: Event minimum: $750 


We can create a custom package around your budget. Our price is based on a per person cost and can range anywhere between $15-$39 per person depending on the package you choose, and depending on the final guest count.

Are event staff included in your pricing? Yes! A team of chefs is included. Servers are charged separately, at $35 per hour, for a minimum of four hours. How many you’ll need depends on the type of your event, and the serving style you’d prefer.

What is the setup fee? No set up fees.  All fees are included in the price per person.  

Do you have a maximum number of people you can serve?We’re able to serve up to 500 people with the use of our mobile pizza kitchen. Do you have more guests than that? We can set up our exterior grills to offer a grilled pizza experience your guests have never seen before and will RAVE about for years to come.

How far do you travel?We’ll travel up to 60 miles away, give or take, from our brick-and-mortar location Fine Folk Pizza in Ft. Myers Fl. Travel up to 10 miles away is included in the price.  Any additional travel is charged at $1.50 per mile, round trip.

How do you serve the food? We can serve four different ways! Classic Window Style Service- Guests walk up to the window of the Folkswagen place order and food is delivered in less than 1 minute.

Buffet Style-  Food is set up on a table directly in front of our mobile pizza kitchen. As tables are released, guests walk up to the table, and serve themselves. 

Family Style-  Pizza is delivered to tables by servers.

Grilled Buffet Style- Food is set up on tables directly in front of our mobile pizza kitchen. As tables are 

released, guests walk up to the table, notify one of our chefs their pizza preference,  the pizza is then finished on the grill and served.

How do I pick my menu?Fill out the contact us form and one of our event coordinators will reach out to you, and if you’d like, come try the goods! We offer a free, private tasting for two. At the tasting, you’ll get to sample most of what we serve and get a better idea of what you’d like your menu to be. You’ll select four different varieties of pizza, and then, you can round out the rest of your menu with appetizers, salads, desserts, and drinks.

Other than food, what do you provide? We provide the serving table, all serving ware, and biodegradable plates, bowls, napkins, and utensils.

How long do you serve for? Although it varies based on your guest count and menu, service time typically ranges anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

How do I reserve my date? To secure your date, we require a 25% deposit and a signed contract. We accept payment via credit card, debit card, or check.

When do I need to give you my final guest count? Two weeks prior to your event, we will ask you to finalize the number of guests you expect to attend. You can increase your initial guest count by any amount, or, you reduce it by up to 10%. Any reduction in guest count, however, cannot bring your food and beverage total to below our event minimums.

When is the final payment due? → Final payment is required the day of the event. We accept payment via credit card, debit card, or check.

What about kids? Children up to 5 years old are absolutely free!  Any children 6-10 years old will be charged as half a guest.

What about guests with dietary restrictions? No problem! We have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian menu options. To safely accommodate any guests with a severe gluten allergy, we would need to prepare their meal first and serve them separately.

What about gratuity?  For weddings a 15% gratuity will be added to your final bill. It will be split amongst the staff working your event.

Can you come check out my venue? Do you need to? Of course! One of of our catering coordinators would be more than happy to scope it out. The charge for a site visit varies, and is based on the venue’s distance from our location in Ft. Myers Fl. However, we can usually figure out the logistics remotely with pictures and dimensions, for no charge at all.

Where do you park? Does it need anything special?  Depending on the style of service, we’ll need between 20ft by 12 ft or 40ft by 12ft of flat ground.

What if it rains?Shhh, don’t say the r-word! Seriously though, weather is always unpredictable, so we just adjust! If you’re serving buffet style, we may need to move our serving area so you and your guests don’t get soaked. But our mobile pizza kitchen is capable of cooking in rain in the harshest conditions.  

How far in advance should I book my event? The earlier the better to secure your date.  We book first come first serve.

What are your site requirements?

  1. Due to the weight of our equipment and the safety of our team, we will not climb stairs/steps.
  2. Client is responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses or permits.
  3. Client will reserve an appropriate parking location for our service vehicles.
  4. A restroom for our team must be made available.

How many servers will you bring?  We determine the number of servers based on the number of people being served and what style of service you are looking for. Up to 80 people – 2, 80-160 people - 3, 160+ people – 4+

My Venue's already a done deal. do you work with them?  There's a good chance.  You'll have to ask the venue first.

What about guests with dietary restrictions?No problem! We have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. To safely accommodate any guests with a severe gluten allergy, we would need to prepare their meal first, and serve them separately.


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